September 28, 2010

Biobased Chemicals East: Day 3

Sorry for the delay on this post. The last day at Biobased Chemicals East held in Boston two weeks ago saw familiar presentations from DSM, OPX Biotechnologies, Verdezyne, and Rivertop Renewables. Rennovia also formally introduced itself to the green chemicals community in one of the morning sessions.

DSM's presentation was about having an open innovation within the industry by using internal and external ideas, and to profit from outside R&D and other's IP. An example is their industrial park/campus Chemelot in Europe where different companies and R&D institutions/schools are sharing infrastructure, costs, knowledge and networks to innovate.

DSM also noted that they are developing/moving products within the next 5 years that will fit within the "cradle-to-cradle" concept using lifecycle analysis (LCA). Another project is focusing on cellulosic-based feedstock for chemical manucfature.

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