August 9, 2010

Weekly News Roundup

I'm back from a week-long vacation and have to catch up with lots of emails and news. I'll try to post another news roundup later this week as these (below) are kind of late.

LS9 scientific breakthrough
LS9 scientists announced the discovery of novel genes that, when expressed in E.coli, produce alkanes, the primary hydrocarbon components of gasoline, diesel and jet fuel. The one step sugar- to-diesel process does not require elevated temperatures, high pressures, toxic inorganic catalysts, hydrogen or complex unit operations

Arkema on waste heat-based AC
Arkema, Power Partners, Inc. and the Department of Energy's Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) teamed up on a $2.54 million research program to improve the efficiency and test new refrigerants in a type of air conditioning unit that runs on waste heat or heat from solar thermal collectors. The goal is to utilize PNNL's advanced materials and develop adsorption chillers that are smaller, more efficient and affordable enough to be used more frequently in commercial buildings.

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