August 12, 2010

Interview: Update on Verdezyne

Here's my recent interview with Verdezyne's vice president of business development Damien Perriman talking about the company's update on their bio-adipic acid project.Verdezyne announced in February their milestone development in the production of adipic acid via fermentation process using either sugar, vegetable oils or alkanes feedstock.

The company has been working with bio-adipic acid for 12 months and aims to scale up from lab to pilot production in the next 12 months. Perriman said they are working to partner for the pilot-scale level and if everything will go well, commercialization could happen in the 2014-2015 timeframe.
"Our business model is to form a partnership or joint venture for the scale-up for both pilot and demonstration. We aim to license our organism and the process for making bio-adipic acid as this is such an enormous market, we feel that licensing our process is the best way to reach the entire market in a faster manner," said Perriman.

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