July 13, 2010

Update: Rivertop Renewables

Last year in November, the blog interviewed Rivertop Renewables' founder Donald Kiely and we got to know more about the company's development of glucaric acid.

Last month, the blog had the pleasure to talk to an old acquaintance, Jim Stoppert, who is now Rivertop's new CEO. Recalling from a past post, Stoppert originally came from Cargill and became CEO of Segetis in September 2008. He noted meeting Don Kiely for the first time when he was still at Cargill.

Now, Stoppert said his first initiative is to buildup the company by first hiring experienced people (Hello new jobs!) from the industry, more for the research department and some in sales and marketing. One of Rivertop's business model, according to Stoppert, is to look for contract manufacturers to toll produce their glucaric acid and quickly establish demand.

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