July 14, 2010

Introducing LanzaTech

The green blogger is out the rest of the week. For now, the blog will leave you a little information about this interesting new company based in New Zealand that came into my radar three weeks ago.

The newly-hired CEO of LanzaTech, Jennifer Holmgren, wrote me an email regarding the company. If any of the ICIS Chemical Business readers recalled, I used to talk to Ms. Holmgren when she was still the director of renewable energy and chemicals business at Honeywell's UOP LLC.

LanzaTech is also part of Khosla Ventures' investment, and Mr. Khosla in fact, talked about the company briefly at the BIO Industrial biotech conference. More on Vinod Khosla's presentation in another post next week.

Back to LanzaTech, the company has developed a proprietary gas fermentation technology for producing ethanol and high value chemicals such as methyl ethyl ketone, acrylic acid, etc. from waste flue gas streams. Their process has already been demonstrated since November 2008 at a 15,000 gal.year pilot plant using waste flue gas streams from an operating steel mill of BlueScope Steel in Glenbrook, New Zealand.

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