July 13, 2010

Interview: Glycos Biotechnologies

I have several interviews lined up for posting and most of them came from the recent BIO industrial biotechnology conference.

While the blog has previously mentioned Glycos Biotechnologies' activities, this is the first time that the green blogger had the pleasure of talking with CEO Rich Cilento. GlycosBio also deals with biochemical production mostly focusing (for now) on transforming crude glycerin and waste fats into chemicals such as ethanol, isoprene, acetone, hydrogen, 1,2 propanediol and other organic acids such as lactic acid, succinic acid and formic acid.

GlycosBio announced in May that it is building a biochemical plant as well as a biotech R&D facility in Malaysia under a collaboration with the country's biotech hub Bio-XCell Sdn. Bhd. The company plans to produce bio-based acetone, technical grade ethanol and isoprene using crude glycerine as feedstock from their new 20,000 - 40,000 tonne/year facility, expected to come onstream in 2012.

More about the investment in Malaysia on this video:

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