June 21, 2010

Weekly News Roundup

I am now able to access my computer again after unpacking my stuff at work where we moved (again) from another floor in the same building.

Big news today is the groundbreaking ceremony of Dow Kokam's new lithium battery production facility in Michigan. US Vice President Joe Biden attended the event and more on this in another post...

Next week, I will be attending the annual BIO World Congress on Industrial biotechnology and Processing conference to be held near Washington D.C. Lots of good stuff coming from this event, which will tie up most of my time so posts next week will be scarce. Follow my tweets at @ICISChemicalbiz!

For now, here are this week's news roundup:

Rhodia in plant-based chemistry
French chemical company Rhodia has partnered with the new University of Bordeaux Foundation to support the Chair of "Pine Chemistry and Natural Resources" with the aim of expanding the role of plant-based raw materials in the chemical industry.

Elasco develops soy polyurethane
Deltron, Inc.'s subsidiary Elasco has developed proprietary polyurethane formulations made from soybean oil. The company says they are seeing increased demand for ‘greener’ products from customers, particularly those in the recreational products industry.

More on this post...
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