June 7, 2010

Weekly News Roundup

Good Monday morning/afternoon blog readers! I will be traveling this week to attend BASF's Agriculture Sustainability Summit in Chicago. Follow the hashtag #AgMsBASF or my tweets at @ICISgreenblog/@ICISChemicalBiz.

I'm also starting on an article about Zero Energy homes so any chemical companies interested, send me an email this week. Enjoy this week's roundup and hopefully I'll be able to also post this month's new green chemicals launched.

Funding for bio-butanol
UK-based bio-butanol developer Green Biologics completed its investment round of £4.9m ($7.1m) to roll out its technology and commercialisation plans. The company plans to provide customers with retrofit packages to convert ethanol plants to bio-butanol.

Elevance expands Asian wax partnership
Elevance Renewable Sciences expanded its partnership with Atkins & Pearce's Asia division for the distribution of Elevance's NatureWax® vegetable based waxes. Elevance noted that candle manufacturers are seeking more stable wax supplies as securing paraffin waxes becomes more challenging.

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