June 4, 2010

New glycerine developments

Just finished my article this week about traditional chemical companies jumping into industrial biotechnology processing. That will come out on June 21 so stay tune. Meanwhile, I have a few glycerine development updates that I got hold from my Phoenix trip attending the American Oil Chemists Society (AOCS) meeting -- geez, that seems like a long time ago!

Before getting deep into glycerine, another news cames out from Maryland-based New Generation Biofuels Holding (NGBF) announcing their patent application for producing glycerine-based biofuel. Since crude glycerine is a byproduct of most current biodiesel production these days, it is has been difficult for producers to get rid of their glycerine stock due to oversupply in the market.

Glycerine experts note prices for glycerine is at historical lows these days despite various end market applications for the product. So therefore, there have been increasing research on attempts to impart value to crude glycerine by expanding its usage.

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