June 11, 2010

Europe sets up sustainable biofuel rules

Ok, this is a very crazy day as our company is moving to another floor in our building for the 5th time in 5 years. I have not yet gone through all my emails for the past 4 days so for those who are inquiring about the incoming BIO World Congress on Industrial Biotechnology conference in late June, please bear with me and I will be able to get back to you guys this weekend.

And before I end my blogging hours today, here is an update about Europe's plan to certify imported biofuels.

The European Commission (EC) announced yesterday that it will set up sustainability certification schemes for all types of biofuels that will come into Europe to make sure that these biofuels must deliver substantial reductions in greenhouse gas emissions and should not come from forests, wetlands and nature protection areas.

This is driven of course from recent NGO reports claiming that increase use of biofuel feedstock such as palm oil and soybean oil are destroying forests and wetlands particularly in Indonesia and the Amazon rainforest.

The commission said the certification schemes would require independent auditors to check the whole production chain, from the farmer and the mill, via the trader, to the fuel supplier who delivers petrol (gasoline) or diesel to the filling station.

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