June 7, 2010

California to ban plastic bag

Okay, now that I've got the excitement of the new IPhone 4 out of my system, back to blogging and this one is about California planning to become the first US state to ban single-use plastic bag.

Last week, the California Assembly approved the bill AB1998 that would ban single use carryout bags and even paper bags on or after January 1, 2012 from groceries, supermarkets and pharmacies. The bill also requires the store to provide to consumers at the point of sale a recycled paper bag at a reasonable cost, but not less than five cents.

By 2013 and every two-years thereafter, producers of reusable bags must submit a certification to California's Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (DRRR) that each bag meets the requirements of a bag being "reusable" -- meaning it is designed and manufactured for at least 100 uses and is made of a washable material that "does not contain lead or any toxic metal in a toxic amount, as determined by the DRRR.

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