May 27, 2010

Green surfactants on the rise

I've learned several new information about the development of new green surfactants from the American Oil Chemists Society (AOCS) meeting, which of course I'll share here. But first, an announcement from Cognis about their green surfactant alkyl polyglucoside (APG®) caught my attention.

Cognis announced yesterday that it has officially opened its new production facility for its APG® surfactants at its site in Jinshan, China. The company claims to be the world’s largest supplier of the original APG® surfactant, which is made from vegetable oil or starch.

Cognis has two other APG facilities, one in Dusseldorf, Germany and the other in Cincinnati, US. Applications for the surfactant include formulations for bath and shower gels, household cleaners, dish washing and laundry detergents and in agrochemical formulations.

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