April 26, 2010

Weekly News Roundup

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School and work prevent me from being more blog-productive. Sorry! Hope the weekly news roundup will help make amends -Green Blogger

Commercial bio-ethyl acetate
Zeachem has produced commercial grade ethyl acetate from bio-based glacial acetic acid through an esterification reaction process. Ethyl acetate is primarily used as a solvent in paints, printing inks, pharmaceuticals and packaging and, through hydrogenation, can be refined into ethanol.

Green process for paper mills
Cerealus Holdings, in collaboration with the University of Maine, launched their bio-based technology Ceregel, a smart process proven technology that will provide paper mills with various optimization solutions enabling mills to save up to $14 per ton. The process was originally patented by DuPont and later developed by the UMaine Process Development Center.

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