March 9, 2010

New Green Chemistry companies

I've postponed this post about new green chemistry companies for too long and I'm very sorry = (. It seems there are new companies I come across each month that my list keeps on growing! But that's a good thing.

On the back of my recent green investment article on ICIS Chemical Business, here are several new green chemistry companies that came to my attention. Some of them might already be a veteran in the field for all I know, but one thing is certain is that there are more of them to come!

Reluceo launched itself in January this year and was formally introduced during the Next Generation Bio-based Chemicals Summit held in San Diego, California, on February 9-10. As previously mentioned in another post, Reluceo is created by Segetis founders Olga Selifonova and Sergey Selifonov, with backing from Khosla Ventures. The company's technology centers on using C5 and C6 carbohydrates derived from hemicellulose and cellulose feedstocks to replace petroleum-derived chemicals and fuels.

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