March 2, 2010

Investment insight from DSM

The blog previously posted about DSM Venturing's growing recent investments in renewable chemistry and clean technology projects. It is now our pleasure to share insights coming from Erik Rutten, DSM Venturing's senior investment manager, on how green chemistry companies can attract strategic partners such as DSM.

Q: What are the challenges that DSM Venturing confronts when it comes to investing in green chemistry-based companies?

In general green chemistry based companies are of interest to DSM because of our company's strategic focus on innovations in the area of climate and energy. DSM’s Global Strategy is fundamentally to leverage strengths in the areas of Life Sciences and Materials Sciences via Innovation driven by the global trends, amongst others, in this field. This implies, for instance, using its white biotechnology competences to develop new generation 'green' materials. To speed up developments in this field, DSM applies an open innovation model, a.o. through its venturing activities.

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