March 8, 2010

Green Chemicals from February

A lot of biofuel-related new chemicals last month. Not surprising as companies always like to launch products during major trade shows, and February was the month where the National Ethanol Conference and the National Biodiesel were held. For more on news from these shows, check out my biofuel posts part 1 and part 2.

1. Verenium ethanol enzyme - Verenium introduced Xylathin, a highly active enzyme designed to significantly improve the economics of fuel ethanol production from cereal grains.

2. Novozymes biomass enzyme - Novozymes launched Cellic® CTec2 enzymes for production of biofuel from agricultural waste. The enzyme enables the biofuel industry to produce cellulosic ethanol at a price below $2/gallon, says Novozymes.

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