March 29, 2010

A chemical consultant's view on BPA

As noted on my previous post, here is my full Q&A interview with Michael Brown, president of consulting firm StrategyMark, on his views about bishpenol-A.

Mr. Brown's previous chemical career highlights include as global coatings director of Quaker Chemical (2006-08), partner and VP of ChemQuest Group (1999-2006); business manager at DuPont (1981-1999), process engineer at PPG Industries and Sun Petroleum.

Q: Which alternatives to BPA use have you seen demand increasing?

Polycarbonate seems to have drawn the majority of the attention for BPA, likely because of its close association to infant and toddler care products, especially in non-packaging (sippy cups, baby bottles). A clear (no pun) winner in this area has been the copolyesters of Eastman with its Tritan brand, which was reportedly sold out shortly after the BPA issue erupted last year. Its success has been largely due to its "drop in" match of physical and processing properties versus polycarbonate. Polypropylene is likely the second winner in this space, not only due to the BPA issue, but also a longer trend toward reducing the material costs.

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