February 16, 2010

Green Building Trends

I mentioned that ICIS Chemicals Business featured in its January 18 issue several articles about green/sustainable building trends including my own article about chemical firms increasing their investments and activities in developing/marketing green construction materials.

According to companies such as Dow Chemical, Dow Corning, Celanese, RPM International, and Bayer MaterialScience, the chemical sector has a major role in developing and improving sustainability of the overall building and construction markets. Possible solutions, according to Bayer, include polyurethane (PU) systems for floor coatings; long-life light emitting diode indoor and outdoor lighting systems; PU insulation for roofs, walls and floors, polycarbonate (PC) sheets for roofing constructions, glazing, skylights and facades; PU sealing systems; and solvent-free adhesives.

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