January 24, 2010

Weekly News Roundup

Posts from the green blog will be very sporadic this week as I cover this year's annual Soap and Detergent Association (SDA) meeting. Follow my tweets on @ICISgreenblog for updates on sustainable and green cleaning products. For all other twitter news about the cleaning industry, I will be reporting live via tweets (as long as there's internet connection) via @ICISchemicalbiz or just search the twitter hashtag #SDA2010.

For now here are this week's news roundup:

Cellulosic ethanol partnership

Abengoa Bioenergy and Mid-Kansas Electric Company formed a joint venture Abengoa Bioenergy Hybrid of Kansas, LLC (ABHK) to develop a commercial-scale hybrid cellulosic ethanol and power plant, which will use 2,500 tons of biomass daily to produce ethanol and electricity.

Lithium ion battery boost

Celgard will expand capacity of its microporous separators used in lithium-ion batteries at its existing Charlotte, North Carolina facility and build a new manufacturing site in Concord, North Carolina. Celgard could receive up to $18.6 million in cash incentives and tax credits from the State of North Carolina to support the expansion.

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