January 5, 2010

Weekly News Roundup

My resolution this year was supposed to be more on time when it comes to posting the Weekly News Roundup. Like my resolution to go to the gym more, this too failed. I'm blaming both failures on my workload ; )

Last week was still busy for news even during the holiday season. Here are some of them:

Battery acquisition
OM Group has purchased advanced battery manufacturer EaglePicher Technologies LLC. EaglePicher is actively pursuing opportunities that would leverage its advanced power storage technologies to serve the rapidly growing alternative energy market.

Glencore buys Biopetrol stake
Glencore has taken a majority stake in BIOPETROL INDUSTRIES AG through the acquisition of 50% plus one share. Biopetrol produces and sells biodiesel and pharmaceutical-grade glycerine.

US bioplastic collaboration
Australian bioplastic producer Plantic Technologies and US specialty chemical company National Starch forms a collaboration to establish a site for the manufacture of Plantic® products in the USA. Plantic will relocate its existing proprietary manufacturing lines from Australia to US.

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