January 26, 2010

ICB's green cleaning updates

Hello from sunny (albeit a little cooler) Orlando, Florida! As mentioned in my previous post, I am covering the annual Soap and Detergent Association (SDA) meeting this week.

Today, I was supposed to tweet (via @ICISgreenblog) about a presentation from the Fragrance Materials Association as it would have been great to learn more about what's going in the fragrance industry when it comes to regulations and sustainability. Unfortunately, I found out that it was for SDA members only (I am just a mere humble reporter with no trade organization affiliation aside from ICIS Chemical Business...).

Tomorrow, I'll start with SDA's industry update (US and global) as well as a presentation from Walmart's Albert Luiz Dominguez (VP divisional merchandise manager of household paper goods and chemicals) which would be very exciting indeed!

For now, I'll leave you with ICB's soap and detergent issue for this week covering green detergent formulation; update about the fats and oils-based chemicals (oleochemicals) industry; regulatory updates affecting the soap and detergent industry; market and pricing updates on glycerin, fatty acids, and fatty alcohols; and the European chemical legislation Reach affecting the cleaning industry.

More restructuring ahead for oleochemicals by me!

Soaps and detergents industry prepares for Reach 2010 deadline by Philippa Jones

US glycerin prices ready to rocket, fatty alcohols and acids see upward pricing pressure by Ben Lefebvre and Judith Taylor

Detergent producers look to highlight ecologically sound formulations by Lou Reade

Soap and Detergent Association pursues science-based agenda by Clay Boswell

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