January 11, 2010

Happy New Green Chemicals!

Last month might be a holiday season but there are definitely lots of green chemicals that were still launched. This was supposed to be posted last week but unfortunately I had to do articles about vegetable oil-based chemicals, biopesticide, and news articles about the bioplastic company Cereplast last week. My goal is to do better in posting this week so I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

1. Arkema's additive for biopolymers - Arkema has added a new metal release additive to its Biostrength® line of additives for biopolymers. The additive enables more consistent processing of polylactic acid plastic.

2. Albemarle eco-friendly retardants - Albemarle will commercialize in late 2010 its new organic flame retardant Earthwise GreenArmor, said to be suitable for use in a variety of plastic resins that will provide better performance across a wide range of applications.

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