January 25, 2010

Bubbling green detergents

As a sneak preview for this week's Soap and Detergent Association meeting in Orlando, Florida, here are some updates on the green cleaning trend. Don

Searching the Green blog back in June produced interesting new chemicals launched last year targeting sustainable cleaning.

In the enzymes area, producer Genencor introduced in December its PrimaGreen® EcoLight 1 Bleaching Enzyme Treatment for denim bleaching. With the enzyme, Genencor said denim can be stonewashed and bleached using a single bath, requiring significantly less water and energy than the established process.

By the way, Method just launched this month its newly packaged, highly-concentrated, biodegradable, and renewable-based (whew! That's a lot of adjectives!) laundry detergent product. The company is using what they called Smartclean Technology packaging where their detergent is packaged in a sleek, handheld precised-dosage pump bottle. The carbon footprint of their new Method Laundry Detergent is said to be 35% lower than standard 2x detergents.
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