December 21, 2009

Weekly News Roundup

Posts will be few in the next two weeks as the Green Blog prepares for the holidays (I still have some last minute shopping to do!) as well as working on a deadline for a sustainable building and construction article. Unfortunately, there seems to be more news coming out this month so I hope to get as much of them as I can.

For now, here are last week's news roundup:

Lactide for bioplastics
Purac will start construction of a lactide plant in Thailand to produce components for bioplastics. The EUR 45 million ($64.6m) plant will start up in the second half of 2011.

Bagasse to biogas
Cetrel and Novozymes joined in a research partnership to turn the sugarcane waste bagasse into biogas using enzymes. The biogas can be used to produce electricity for production facilities, and surplus electricity can be sold to the market through the electric grid.

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