December 29, 2009

Growing sustainability profiles

I forgot to mention that ICIS Chemical Business (the magazine I work for) is sponsoring and coordinating a program called "Profiles in Sustainability" at the chemical/pharma tradeshow Informex, which as the name implies, will promote, publicize and reward exhibitors’ and attendees’ achievements in “being green”.

A panel of industry experts will be assigned to review all submissions received through January 15, and they will select five as the “innovators”.

Companies interested should submit from a business-oriented perspective, how they have implemented processes that minimize negative environmental impacts, conserve energy and natural resources without compromising safety or economics. Of course that also includes how these processes generate revenues.

For more information, pls. contact Caitlin Devin, email:, phone # 609-759-4735.

In the meantime, maybe these new sustainability and other newly launched green-oriented websites that just cropped up from various chemical companies would help you with your submission ideas. Goodluck!

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