December 23, 2009

Green gifts for the holidays

Although these products might be too late to give for Christmas but there are still birthdays and Valentine's Day to consider. I tried to compile all of these for the past two months now and if you are already using any of them, give me a feedback!

1. Eco-Green Graffiti Remover - got a problem with the neigborhood kids? Why not give them this eco-friendly graffiti remover from Daimer Industries? The remover is said to be 100% plant-based and can remove paint, permanent marker, pencil, pen and grease. It is available in package sizes ranging from five to 5,000-gallon containers.

2. Carpet backed with green - when looking for a carpet or rug, make sure it has an environment-friendly backing system such as the EnviroCel™ HOME green backing by Universal Textile Technologies. The main carpet backing is made of 50% by weight renewable materials while the secondary backing is from 100% post-consumer recycled PET plastic.

3. Renewable-based swimwear - If you're going to the Caribbean (or other warm places) during winter, opt for swimwear that features green fabrics such as Carvico's Amazzonia warp-knitted stretch fabrics. This Italian fabric is made with ADVANSA’s BIOPHYL® eco-polyester yarns that uses biobased-PDO (propanediol).

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