December 28, 2009

Cleaning up: Green Reports from 2009

As the title indicated, I am trying to clean up my blog drafts to prepare for 2010 influx (I'm sure there are plenty of outlook reports coming up by January).

Most of the reports in this post are from Frost & Sullivan although there are some other interesting studies from Freedonia, Pike Research, McKinsey and even from Organic Monitor for updates on the organic cosmetic and personal care market.

I hope these will be useful to you!

Biofuels an Important Step in Achieving a Greener Aviation Industry

Southeast Asian Bioethanol Market Stimulated by the need to reduce reliance on Petrochemicals

2010 Will Be a Pivotal Year for Electric Vehicles

Study: Global biofuels reduce GHGs by 123.5 million tonnes

The Ethanol Challenge for the United States

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