December 3, 2009

Brazil renewed

Speaking of Brazil (and in connection to my last post about Amyris), I think I mentioned before that there seems to be more investments and activities going on in that part of the world when it comes to biofuel and renewable-based chemicals.

The blog reported on May 15 about bioplastic development in Brazil. Since then more announcements were noted such as the renewable feedstock of Coca-Cola's PlantBottle being made in Brazil; Brazilian margarine tubs using Cereplast's bioplastic; and Cargill selling its Ingeo bioplastics in Brazil.

Last month, ICIS news reported that Brazilian sugarcane and ethanol producer Pedra Agroindustrial plans to start commercial bioplastics production by late 2012 with a new sugarcane-based bioplastics facility with a capacity of between 35,000-40,000 tonnes/year.

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