November 23, 2009

Interview: Rivertop Renewables

The Green blog's interview with Rivertop Renewables founder Donald Kiely, and director of marketing Jason Kiely (also Don's son) revealed the potential power of glucaric acid as a renewable-based alternative chemical.

The company hopes to launch sample product applications of its low-cost glucaric acid next year, first as corrosion inhibitors as well as an alternative to phosphate in detergent cleaning products.

So what's the story behind Rivertop Renewables?

According to Don Kiely, who is a retired professor emeritus of chemistry at the University of Montana, he has been focusing on finding practical applications for carbohydrates for more than a decade. Low-cost production of glucaric acid is one of his patented technologies and he hopes to have it commercialized before he fully retires in two years.

Hence, Rivertop Renewables was formed in January 2008 with their first round of funding mostly from the founders themselves, friends/families, and a couple of angel investors.

[Photo of Tyler Smith, R&D director for Rivertop Renewables, working with a rotary evaporator]

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