October 19, 2009

Weekly News Roundup

Hello from Berlin! Being jetlagged has its perks and one of them is having the time to blog since I can't sleep. As mentioned before, I am covering ICIS' oleochemicals conference and will try to tweet all the good stuff via @ICISgreenblog (keeping my fingers crossed on that internet connection).

While I'm complaining about the size of soda bottles here in Europe (I'm thirsty!), here are this week's news roundup.

BASF likes metathesis tech

Materia has exclusively licensed its metathesis technology to BASF for use in the research and development of certain specialty chemicals. Metathesis catalysts enable the formation and manipulation of carbon-carbon bonds in the synthesis of novel specialty chemicals with superior properties as well as in the development of more efficient and low cost production processes for existing ones.

Air Products' PV contract
Air Products signed a turnkey gas supply contract to provide its SunSource(TM) Solutions liquid bulk and specialty gases, related gas distribution equipment, and engineering services to DuPont Apollo (Shenzhen) Limited at its new amorphous silicon thin-film photovoltaic (PV) facility in GuangMing New District, Shenzhen, China.

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