October 9, 2009

Chemical firms love biofuel

There are several chemical companies who like what they see when it comes to biofuel's growth in demand. Why? Because it gives them the opportunity to develop (and sell) products that make biofuel cheaper and more efficient to use.

Take for an example companies such as Albemarle, BASF, and Evonik who offer high performance catalysts for efficient production of biodiesel; while companies like Lanxess and Rhodia offer biofuel additives that are especially necessary when using feedstock such as vegetable oil, which can become rancid in fuel tanks caused by air exposure.

A very brief interview with Jose Berges, senior vice president and general manager at Evonik's Electrolysis products & Alcoxides business, noted Evonik's strategies in being close to major biofuel markets. Below is a snapshot of the interview with Mr. Berges.

Q: What is Evonik's overall strategy when it comes to alternative fuels? Why venture in these areas?

Berges: Biofuels is one of the most important megatrends in the global economy. As the world's leading supplier of catalysts for biodiesel production, we are present in all markets in order to be close to our customers and to be their partner for growth. We have plants in Europe and the US and will look into further production sites wherever the market requires this.

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