September 28, 2009

Weekly News Roundup

The green blog will be sparse this week due to deadlines from my other job (writing for ICIS Chemical Business). Coming soon (hopefully very soon) for the blog is my recent coverage of BASF's green education building summit; update on the wind market; China and green; and recent reports about enzymes and soy chemicals.

Stay tune! For now here are this week's news roundup:

Dow Chemical in 3rd gen biodiesel
Cavitation Technologies (CTI) has formed a deal with Biocombustibles y Energias Alternativas (ALS), which is also a partner of Dow Chemical, to develop third generation biodiesel technology projects in Argentina and throughout Latin America. ALS has identified several projects where CTI technology can greatly improve process yields and profitability using CTI and DOW proprietary technology.

Teijin's recycling in China
Teijin has launched in China its first-ever program for collecting and recycling used garments in collaboration with sports apparel company Li Ning Company Ltd. Teijin will use its ECO CIRCLE recycling technology for the chemical recycling of polyester.

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