August 18, 2009

Where can the US get $1.2 trillion?

To supplement my recently published ICIS Chemical Business article about energy efficiency technologies within the chemical industry, here's a recent report from McKinsey & Company on how the US, by 2020, could potentially save $1.2 trillion in non-transportation energy costs and cut energy consumption by 23%.

Strategies needed to implement energy savings include:
  • Recognize energy efficiency as an important energy resource that can help meet future energy needs while the nation concurrently develops new no- and low-carbon energy sources
  • Formulate and launch at both national and regional levels an integrated portfolio of proven, piloted, and emerging approaches to unlock the full potential of energy efficiency
  • Identify methods to provide the significant upfront funding required by any plan to capture energy efficiency
  • Forge greater alignment between utilities, regulators, government agencies, manufacturers, and energy consumers
  • Foster innovation in the development and deployment of next-generation energy efficiency technologies to ensure ongoing productivity gains.
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