August 29, 2009

Weekly News Roundup

Vacation is over and news are piling up. Here are last week's supposed weekly news roundup but was never done in the green blog's eagerness to skip town early this week. The good news: there's another one coming up on Monday! I can't believe summer's almost over!

Sugar in deicers
Midwest Agri Commodities will supply de-sugared sugar beet molasses, for Univar’s deicing and freeze proofing applications under their product line ICE BITE in the United States and Canada.

Lithium source acquisition
WestStar Resources has acquired two lithium brine projects, located within west-central Alberta. The projects encompass known occurrences of Lithium within formation waters.

Seattle bag tax rejected

Voters in a Seattle referendum rejected a city tax on plastic and paper shopping bags which would have required shoppers in the city to pay twenty cents for every bag they accepted at grocery, drug and convenience store checkout counters.

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