August 17, 2009

Oleochemical conference in Germany

While working on my Q&A post about Verdezyne, let me promote this incoming conference from ICIS (the company I work for) about the fascinating world of fats and oils-based chemicals - oleochemicals.

The ICIS 7th World Oleochemicals Conference is going to be held in Berlin, Germany, on October 20-21, and it has good line-up of speakers covering topics such as glycerine, fatty acid, fatty alcohols and their fats and oils feedstock.

Here are the speakers at the moment and there are more to come!
  • Overview of the North American fatty acid market in a difficult climate: Don Ciancio - Executive Vice President, Vantage Oleochemicals
  • Topic to be confirmed: Rahul Kale - Head of Biofuels & Oleochemicals, WilmarOleo
  • The European fatty acid market: Eddy Feijen - Marketing & Sales Director, Oleon
  • Glycerine market overview and projections: Vincent Bogaart - Marketing Manager Oleochemicals, Croda
  • Oleochemicals – fatty acids and alcohols: capacity, competence and compensation: Norm Ellard - Director, Rohen (former Procter & Gamble Asia director of chemicals)
  • Developments in oleochemicals - cosmetics and personal care applications: Neil A Burns – Managing Director, Neil A. Burns LLC (former CEO of Oxiteno USA)
  • An overview of the vegetable oil industry:Sarah Hickingbottom – Senior Research Economist, LMC International
  • The changing nature of the oleochemical market: Alan Brunskill - Oleochemical Advisor
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