August 3, 2009

New green chemicals: July

Seems like another record-breaking month in July for the Green Blog's monthly new green chemicals. Most of them are in the bio-resins category. As always the case with these new products, you be the judge if you think they deserved to be under the umbrella of "green."

1. Hexion bio-coatings - Hexion Specialty Chemicals has launched Albecor-Bio™, a family of bio-based, low temperature cure powder coatings suitable for use on a wide variety of materials including metals and heat sensitive substrates.

2. Sabic bio-composites - Sabic has introduced a new line of LNP* Thermocomp* specialty compounds that use curauá fiber and wood flour natural reinforcements. Under the line are new LNP Thermocomp PX07444 specialty compound, a polyamide (PA)-6 nylon that is reinforced with up to 20% curauá fiber; and LNP Thermocomp MX07442 specialty compound, a polypropylene (PP) reinforced with 30% wood flour.

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