July 3, 2009

Plastics, plastics everywhere

Before the July 4 holiday weekend starts, I'm cleaning up my blog drafts and most of them being "clogged" by plastic/bioplastic news (lol!). For the bioplastic/recycled plastic enthusiasts, here are tons of recent information to last you through the weekend. Also check out recent posts on new green chemicals featuring new resin/resin additives launch as well as news about Teijin divesting its share of NatureWorks. Enjoy!


  • Brazilian margarine tubs use bioplastic from Cereplast
  • KLM Royal Dutch Airlines switched from petroleum-based polystyrene coffee and tea cups to paper ones made with bioresin Ingeo™ coating.
  • Cereplast's compostable resins in Dixie cups
  • Evlon compostable plastics in tableware products
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