July 2, 2009

New green chemicals from June

Very sorry for the sparse blog this week, lots of things going on in and out of the office. Here are this month's new green chemicals launch and most (if not all) are about bioplastics. By the way, thanks for the kudos on my recent bioplastic and biopesticide reports!

1. Cereplast biofoam resins - Cereplast launched a breakthrough bio-based foamable resin Cereplast Compostable 5001® to compete with Styrofoam® and other foamable petroleum-based resins. The biofoam uses Ingeo™ PLA and various biodegradable and compostable components.

2. PolyOne biopolymer compounds - PolyOne launched a platform of of biopolymer compounds under the brand Resound™. The compounds are formulated with a 30% minimum bio-derived content for use in boosting bioplastic performance such as heat tolerance and impact resistance. PolyOne also introduced VERSAFLEX™ BIO TPEs for injection molding, said to be formulated with up to 70% renewable resources.

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