July 14, 2009

Industrial biotech interests surge

In honor of next week's BIO World Congress on Industrial Biotech and Bioprocessing event in Montreal, ICIS Chemical Business (the company I work for) published last week its white biotechnology feature with articles about synthetic biology, bioplastic, overview on white biotechnology, Germany's biotech plans, the surge in biorefinery investments in the US, and researchers from California San Francisco University developing methyl halides from biomass.

The magazine also featured the chemical industry sustainability survey by ICIS/Genomatica which I posted last week in the blog.

More about green chemistry/industrial biotechnology news and updates next week as I cover the BIO event (via tweets and blog) so stay tune!

1. Germany gears up for biotech future - a consultant from Euro Swiss Research reported the recent launch of the Chemical and Biotechnological Process Centre (CBP) in German chemical site Infraleuna, which offers access to non-food-chain renewable feedstocks such as straw, wood, starch, oilseeds and algae and respective transformation processes to existing, on-site refinery and chemical companies, as well as third-party off-site companies, R&D institutions, universities and others.

The CBP offers significant time, investment, and cost savings compared with a stand-alone pilot plant since it is a readily available, subsidized, fully equipped facility.

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