June 29, 2009

Electric vehicles now coming out

There had been a lot of news on electric vehicles launch and development and I was unable to post them until now

First stop, last week, US petrochemical company ExxonMobil Chemical launched an electric car sharing and rental program called AltCar in Baltimore, Maryland, alongside Canadian battery developer Electrovaya.

Vehicles in the program called the Maya-300, are powered by lithium ion battery technology that uses ExxonMobil's battery separator film, which the company manufactures in Nasu, Japan, together with Japanese affiliate TonenGeneral.

ExxonMobil said Baltimore residents and tourists can rent the vehicles at the science center in the Baltimore Inner Harbor during the day. (I wonder how much is the rent though?) Aside from the program, the company also invested in an exhibit for the science center that includes hands-on activities for children and a full-scale car that showcases clean transportation technologies currently being used in the automotive industry.

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