May 18, 2009

More bioplastic news

Here are more green plastic news from last week. Incidentally, I am preparing for a bioplastic article for ICIS Chemical Business so watch out for that in June.

First stop is Coca-Cola's announcement of its new plant-based plastic bottle, 30% of which is made from sugar cane and molasses. The rest of the plastic is petroleum-based polyethylene (PET).

The company said the 100% recyclable plastic bottle can be processed through existing manufacturing and recycling facilities without contaminating traditional PET. Coca-Cola North America will pilot the "PlantBottle™" with Dasani and sparkling brands in select markets later this year and with VitaminWater in 2010.

Bioplastic manufacturer Metabolix, meanwhile, got proof that their plastic is compostable in Europe. The company's Mirel™ bioplastic resins received the Vinçotte certification of “OK Compost” for compostability in an industrial composting unit and “OK Compost HOME” for compostability in home composting systems. Hmmm, only ok?? No great, plantastic, or plantabulous???

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