May 13, 2009

Chemical companies: Green surfers or divers?

ICIS (the company I work for) in cooperation with technology start-up company Genomatica is working on a survey on whether chemical companies these days are just riding the sustainable chemistry wave e.g. looking at energy/manufacturing efficiency, using renewable energy in manufacturing, planting trees to offset carbon emissions...or are they already deep into applying green chemistry such as using petro-alternative, zero-carbon emitting, zero waste processing and renewable raw feedstock.

According to Genomatica
, several waves of sustainability thinking are already sweeping across chemical producers, with some companies further advanced than others.
"In the first wave, companies are taking a keen interest in improving their sustainability, mainly through looking at energy usage and their carbon footprint. In the second wave, they are examining the products themselves, and beginning to ask whether they can produce materials in a more sustainable manner from renewable feedstocks." - Genomatica
Do you agree or disagree on this? Tell us what you think by filling up this survey about sustainable chemicals.

The results will be aggregated and analyzed by ICIS and reported in the magazine at the end of June. ICIS is offering an iPod Touch to the person whose name is drawn first from the list of those completing the survey.

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