May 1, 2009

April green chemicals

A record-breaking product launch last month for chemicals that are purportedly eco-friendly, green, sustainable (etc) maybe in celebration of earth week? There were lots of twittering this week about green washing and growing skepticism on "green" products and so I wonder which one of these will not make the green cut...

1. Rhodia eco-solvent - Rhodia says its new solvent, Rhodiasolv IRIS, designed for numerous uses such as paint stripping, graffiti removers, industrial cleaning, paint and coating formulation, is readily biodegradable, non VOC* (volatile organic compound), non toxic and non flammable. The product is said to be a suitable alternative to traditional VOC solvents or toxic solvents, such as methylene chloride or N-Methylpyrrolidone.

2. PPG green coatings - PPG Industries says its new Desoprime HS CA 7502 high-solids exterior epoxy primer can be an alternative to chromated pretreatment and primers used in aircraft painting system.

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