May 13, 2009

AOCS wrap-up Day 2

[Photo of AOCS annual meeting 1945. Photo Credit: AOCS]

The second day at the American Oil Chemists Society (AOCS) centennial meeting was particularly interesting as in their Hot Topics Symposia for the morning session, I have to choose between Historical Perspectives on the Chemistry of Oils and Fats (given that I was writing an article last week with this particular topic) and Sustainability for the Future in Fats and Oils.

I flipped a coin and the Sustainability topic won.

This was actually fortunate as the presentations from Unilever and Kimberly-Clark were very engaging and informative.

Kimberly-Clark (or "K-C") was vocal about about the irritating lack of definition for the term "green" and prefers the word "sustainable" instead. The company defined sustainability according to Dow Jones Sustainability Index definition:
"It's a business approach to create long-term shareholder value by embracing opportunities and managing risk derived from economic, environmental and social developments"
The company said it led the personal products category of the 2008 Dow Jones Sustainability World Index for fourth straight year.

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