April 21, 2009

Weekly News Roundup

My apologies for the late weekly news roundup as I am trying to recuperate from an exhausting (but still fun!) trip in California.

Coming up in future event coverage is the 100th year meeting of the American Oil Chemists Society (AOCS) in Orlando, Florida. Stay tune for that starting May 4-6. For now here are last week's roundup:

Green pharma JV

SiGNa Chemistry, a developer of stabilized reactive metals for safer, more efficient industrial chemistry formed a partnership with Pacific World Discovery, a pre-clinical chemistry service provider. The collaboration will allow both companies to better serve customers across key areas such as fine chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

New enzyme contract
Verdezyne, a privately-held synthetic biology company developing processes for the industrial chemicals and fuel markets signed a deal with Novozymes where Verdezyne will optimize selected genes that encode industrial enzymes. These enzymes will then be manufactured in microbial systems.

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