April 10, 2009

US anti-chemical campaigns intensify

ICIS News (subscription required) reported on Wednesday about the intensifying anti-chemical attacks from state-legislative and advocacy groups and that according to the American Chemistry Council, it is getting harder for the chemical industry to contest them.

Josh Young, ACC director of state affairs spoke at the 2009 Global Chemical Regulations Conference (GlobalChem) that was held in Baltimore early this week.
“Typically, these campaigns will position the issue in terms of children and mothers’ health and focus on one or two products at a time. It is hard to win over a state legislator, get him to do the scientifically correct thing, when his vote will be characterised as ‘anti-children’,” Young said.

ACC said that there are already 11 bills pending in eight states to establish green chemistry mandates, 12 bills in 10 states on green cleaning products, and 47 bills in 21 states seeking to ban bisphenol-A (BPA) in consumer products.

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