March 28, 2009

Weekly News Roundup

The green blogger is back in the virtual world and don't know where to start after a few days of computer-free vacation. I can't believe I survived! Thank God for Iphone!

Before tackling a massive amount of green information and piled e-mails, here are some of the news my trusted Google Reader provided for me for this week's news roundup:

Braskem breaks ground on green plastic
Braskem will formally break ground on its green polyethylene plant project in Brazil on April 22. Commercial operations are scheduled to begin in 2011. The plant will have production capacity for 200 thousand tons per year.

Accelerating hydrogen vehicles to market

Linde said its new Ionic Compressor technology will help accelerate the commercialization of hydrogen-powered vehicles of all kinds. The technology is now being introduced to North America for fork lift trucks.

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