March 23, 2009

Weekly News Roundup

I've been tinkering with twitter for the past two weeks and I think this tool will be really useful in getting out interesting tidbits of information especially when attending conferences and trade shows. I'll test out this theory at the 100th birthday of the American Oil Chemists Society meeting in Orlando, Florida, which will be held on May 3-6.

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And now, here are this week's news roundup:

Glycerine fuel contract
XcelPlus Global Holdings secured initial contracts for 200 million gallons of its "green" fuel-oil supplement, GlyClene. The fuel can be made from any crude glycerol, regardless of the feedstock, including yellow grease. The company continues in negotiations with prospects in the poultry processing, electronics, paving materials and carpet industries, all of them large consumers of fuel oil.

Biodiesel equipment alliance
Engineering services ENGlobal and Greenline Industries, a major supplier of small-to-medium scale biodiesel production equipment, formed an alliance to pursue opportunities in the sustainable energy and biodiesel marketplace.

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