March 10, 2009

Shell Eco-marathon in California

In a recent media dinner with Shell, they shared with me a really cool event that has been ongoing for years and unfortunately escaped my green radar.

Shell's Eco-Marathon invites students from all over the world to design and build the world's most fuel-efficient vehicle and produce the fewest emissions.

Teams can enter two main categories:
  • Futuristic prototypes - which are streamlined vehicles where the primary design consideration is reducing drag and maximizing efficiency
  • Urban Concept vehicles - which are built to more conventional 4-wheel roadworthy criteria (new to the Americas event in 2009)
Either conventional fuels such as diesel, gasoline and LPG, OR alternative fuels such as solar, electric, hydrogen, bio-fuels and GTL can be used to power vehicles. The goal of the project is not to break speed records or be the first to finish; it is to consume as little fuel as possible over a set distance.

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