February 3, 2009

Green chemicals of the month

2009 started with a lot of new green chemical offerings ranging from the cleaning industry, to automobile and construction. Here are some of the selected ones mostly in the plastic arena.

Hint: If you want your newly launched green chemicals/technology to be included in my monthly list, pls. email the press release to me at doris.de.guzman@icis.com

1. Nissan's eco-paint - Nissan Motor Co. launched in Japan its environment-friendly, water-based paints for aftermarket application under the "PITWORK" brand. The paint is said to contain half the amount of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) compared with conventional paints in the marketplace.

2. NatureWorks new bioplastic - NatureWorks LLC introduced its Ingeo™ 3251D, a new and improved injection molding grade of Ingeo™ biopolymer. The new Ingeo™ grade is designed specifically for the consumer goods segments such as electronics, cosmetics, housewares, toys and custom molding.

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